CLYMA presentations in its final stages

As the end of CLYMA project gets closer (31/12/2015) and the studies are being completed, the final presentations are being organized along both the Spanish and French geography. During October they will take place in Montpellier and Toulouse, in France, and in Lleida and Girona, by the hand of the Cercle d’Infrastructures, in Spain. Presentations in Tarragona, Barcelona (in the framework of the sectorial fair BCNRail) and Valence will be held throughout the month of November.

The final presentation of the project will take place on November 19th at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels, where, in the presence of partners and members of the Stakeholders’ Forum, progresses on project activities and results achieved will be shared together, for finally coming to some conclusions to keep working at in the future.

The project will be present too at the ISIR academic conference in Lyon, where the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, a project partner, will present the results of the Activity 4.

Also, Paris, Guadalajara and Zaragoza will host meetings, but the final dates aren’t still known.

More information here.