Ports from the CLYMA axis represent the Mediterranean Corridor in Brussels

Between the 8th and the 9th of October 2014 representatives from the ports of Barcelona, Tarragona and Marseille travelled to Brussels, Belgium to represent the Mediterranean Corridor and it’s goals at various meetings dealing with pan-European Corridor issues.

On the 8th of October, the first meeting of the Working group of ports along the Mediterranean Core Network Corridor took place. The meeting was presided by Mr. Günter Ettl. During the discussion Mr. Carles Rúa, Strategic & Innovation Projects Responsible of the Port of Barcelona and CLYMA project manager, was named as the representative voice of the ports in the work group. From the CLYMA axis, the core ports Barcelona, Tarragona and Marseille were present at the Working group.

The following day, on the 9th of October, the 3rd Forum of the Mediterranean Corridor took place. In this meeting representatives from regions, ports, airports, and EU member states were present. The chairman of the forum has been Mr. Brinkhorst, the European Coordinator for the TEN-T Mediterranean Corridor. In this Forum the ports of Barcelona and Marseille were present.



The Development of the Lyon – Madrid axis on the TEN-T Mediterranean Corridor (CLYMA) project is co-financed by INEA (previously the TEN-T EA), and it will run until 2015. It consists of the implementation of a corridor approach to a section of the Mediterranean Corridor, concretely to the Lyon – Madrid Axis between France and Spain. The Action comprises of studies on the organization and optimal implementation of the TEN-T network, environmental aspects, identification of the main problems, bottlenecks, etc.

CLYMA project partners are: ALIA, the Maritime Terminal of Zaragoza, the Politechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), the Port of Barcelona, the Port of Tarragona, Portic Barcelona S.A, Syndicat Mixte Plate-forme Pyrénées-Mediterranée, and VIIA.

For more information, please contact us at clyma@clyma.eu.